This Is What Zakir Naik Has To Say About Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Updated on 22 Jul, 2016 at 9:10 pm


Islamic preacher Zakir Naik has come under a cloud ever since Bangladesh claimed that two of the five terrorists in the Gulshan terror attack were influenced by his speeches.

India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) went through 500 of his speeches following a probe launched by the Home Ministry.

Naik did not speak to the media for a long time since his name was brought up. But when he did over Skype from Medina in Saudi Arabia, he accused the media of conducting a trial of their own.




Now, speaking to Ashish Chauhan of Economic Times, Naik had nothing but praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Acknowledging that Modi is the only Indian Prime Minister to have visited a high number of Muslim countries in just two years of his reign.

It should be noted here that Modi has visited 14 Islamic republics or majority-Muslim countries, including two visits each to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, since he assumed power in May 2014.


Naik says Modi’s visits will “strengthen relations between India and other Muslim countries and Hindus and Muslims”.




Naik acknowledged that Modi is receiving an unprecedented kind of positive response from Muslim countries, pointing to the fact that the Indian PM was honoured by Saudi King Salman with Saudi Arabia’s highest civilian honour.

He also said that India will surely become a superpower if Hindus and Muslims are brought together.

“Hinduism is a major religion of the world and India has a high Muslim population. So if the PM reaches out to Muslim countries, it is good. It will help bring investments to India,” he said.

“India was a superpower in the past and will attain that stature again,” he added.

He said that Rajnath Singh never made a statement against him and that as a Home Minister, Singh has “the right” order an inquiry, which he did.


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