Next Time You Are Stuck With A Visa Problem, Head Out To These Four Visa Temples In India

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Updated on 11 Jan, 2017 at 4:33 pm


Indians are big on living abroad dreams. However, many outside entities are not so sweet in approving Visas for them. Guess, they ain’t got any idea about our Visa temples!

India now has officially four temples known for their miraculous effect in getting a stuck visa approved. Head out to one of these this year if your abroad dreams are still unfulfilled.


01. Khadia Temple, Gujarat

According to a DNA report, “the deity of the Khadia temple is said to have 100 per cent record in expediting overseas travel”. Situated in the city of Ahmadabad, this Hanuman temple

“The Hanuman idol is 250 years old and is famous for its miracles,” said the temple’s caretaker and priest, Himanshu Mehta. “Just before Diwali, eight applicants had their visas approved after seeking Hanumanji’s blessings. It is said that Hanumanji himself puts the approval stamp on the passports.”



02. Chilkur Balaji Temple, Hyderabad

A destination for US job seekers, this temple has acquired a reputation for clearing American visas. An aspiring visa-seeker visits the temple few days before the interview with US consulate. ‘Visa Venkateswara Swami’ is said to grant the most difficult to obtain visas in a  short time after making a vow. When your vow is fulfilled, you come back and make 108 circumambulations.



03. Hanuman Temple, Delhi

Located right near the foreign embassies and visa office, probably this temple is catching the vibes around. Aaj Tak did a story on this temple and the priestess here claims that there’s a 99% chance of visa approval success as long as you have faith.


04.Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh gurdwara, Punjab

This 150-year-old gurudwara in Punjab has earned a reputation for increasing your chances of a successful visa approval. In fact, the temple also has an airplane placed at the top of it. Along with prayers, fascinating offerings like toy aeroplanes are also offered here.







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