All Night Party Held At Moscow Celebrating Trump’s Innaugration; Invite Sent Saying “Washington Will Be Ours”

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Updated on 23 Jan, 2017 at 12:21 pm


A leaked dossier claiming Trump’s alleged Kremlin links was furiously dismissed by American’s newly inaugurated 45th President, the infamous Donald Trump, sometime back. However, fresh news suggest, that there’s indeed something brewing in the world of Vladmir Putin.



According to the Independent, supporters of Vladmir Putin are holding an all-night party in honor of the innaugration of Donald Trump as State’s new President.  Apparently, one of the organisers who has also served a Russian MP affiliated to Putin’s United Russia Party invited his Facebook followers to this event with a rather suspicious, controversial comment: “See you in the evening. Washington will be ours.”


Konstantin Rykov,  wrote on his facebook page: “I beg you all to try to get to [the venue] no later than 19:30 [Moscow time]. Otherwise, you’ll miss the most important point “presidential oath”, as well as sparklers, party poppers and champagne.”




Since the US election results have been announced, a sense of “Trumpomania” has been going around in the streets of Russia. Commemorative coins and matryoshka dolls have marked the celebration of Trump winning the victor’s cup; which ironically is mourned otherwise in world all over.

“In Russian news the main actor is His Majesty Trump.”



So, is there really a link between Trump’s victory and Russia’s growing confidence? Are the reports suggesting links between Russian officials and Trump associates really hold some ground? Is Cyber Cold War a thing apparent in U.S Elections?

These are some of the questions buzzing around with pressing curiosity – which unfortunately only time and Trump has answers to.


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