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9:41 pm 1 Jan, 2017



Terror Attack In Pathankot Casts Shadow On Future India-Pakistan Peace Talks

Pursuant to its image of ‘terrorist state,’ Pakistan, once again, hurled terrorists in India’s territory with a single agenda of bruising our bold spirit. The perpetrators of terrorism, backed by the Pakistani Armed Forces, attacked the Pathankot Air Force Station in the wee hours of January 2, claiming lives of our 7 security personnel along with 1 civilian. In counterattack, Indian forces knocked down 6 terrorists, calling off the ‘Operation Dhangu.’

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JNU ‘Anti-National’ Activity Row: Student Leader Arrested, Govt Says Won’t Tolerate This

When some educated baddies raised Anti-India slogans in JNU premises, the first thing to hit nation’s conscience was is that really a place to study? Kanhaiya Kumar and his comrades shamelessly demoed their rotten ideologies and were even endorsed by certain politicians and media houses, but eventually their voices came to a halt, making them nothing but an epic bunch of douchebag.

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Ahead Of Jat Quota Agitation, Government Deploys 48 Companies Of Paramilitary Forces

The hysteria of quota seekers shamed the entire nation while giving an ample opportunity to the western media to ridicule our ethos of integrity and oneness. The mad frenzy which caused our government a whopping loss of INR 340 billion other than claiming the lives of many, is surely a dark chapter we want to skip in front of our posterity.

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Pratyusha Banerjee, Of ‘Balika Vadhu’ Fame, Commits Suicide By Hanging Herself

No one could have imagined Anandi will meet this fate! The 24-years-old Pratyusha Banerjee, who charmed Indians with her sizzling performance in Balika Vadhu, reportedly hanged herself giving a shock wave to her fans before unfolding a series of theories. Rahul Raj Singh, the boyfriend of this happy-go-lucky actress, was later booked for invoking her to take this drastic step.

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Security Forces Killed Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Burhan Wani In Kashmir

The poster boy of terrorism in Kashmir who was also known for brainwashing youths through social media platforms, was finally downed by a special operations group on 8th July. The killing of this notorious Hizbul Mujahideen commander was condemned by a certain segment of Indians who definitely don’t deserve to live in this nation. They call themselves ‘liberals,’ we call them ‘fuck you!’

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IAF AN-32 Plane Carrying 29 People Goes Missing; IAF, Navy And Coast Guard Launch Search Operation

It was July 22, when an Antonov An-32 aircraft of the Indian Air Force, carrying 29 people on board, tragically disappeared over the skies of the Bay of Bengal. A massive search operation was set up to track down the missing aircraft, but despite herculean efforts, the rescue mission was called off on September 15, presuming all the passengers dead.

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Woman Wrestler Sakshi Malik Brings Cheers To India At Rio 2016 With Bronze

The harrowing medal drought at 2016 Rio Olympics finally came to an end when wrestler Sakshi Malik entrapped a Bronze in the 58 kg category. The victory of this Rohtak girl against Kyrgyzstan’s Aisuluu Tynybekova in a heart-stopping play off was indeed an empowering message to Indian girls that they can always make their way out irrespective of unfavorable situations around.

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PM Modi’s Mention Of Balochistan In Independence Day Speech Means Trouble For Pakistan

When the voice of India’s political rockstar echoed against Pakistan’s atrocities in Balochistan, the wily neighbor grasped immediately he is damn serious! For the first time in Indian history, India has taken interest in absolving a foreign state which has been constantly aggressed by its occupier. If it’s not a big leap for our foreign policy then what it is?

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India Gives A Befitting Reply To Pakistan By Conducting Surgical Strikes Across LoC

To avenge the martyrdom of 19 soldiers in Uri attack, the hell bent Indian Army launched a surgical strike across the Line of Control wiping out nearly 40 Pak-trained terrorists and destroying around 7 enemy launch pads. The badass retaliation by our Armed Forces not only left Pakistan dilapidated, but also gave a straight message to whoever wants to mess with us — Remember, we don’t forget or forgive.

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Film Producers Association IMPPA, Temporarily Ban Pakistani Artists In India

At the time when Pakistan’s diplomacy was piercing India with resolute determination, it was straightforwardly illogical for us to revel their artists dancing in Bollywood. They were flourishing on India’s economy and paying back taxes to their motherland. And who is financing terrorism against India? Should we discuss more?

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Arnab Goswami Has Resigned From Times Now. And The Nation Is Going Crazy.

Something happened on the first day of November, and the entire nation wanted to know – why? Yes, the moment when India’s official loudspeaker exited Times Now, people were like ‘WTF, dude!?’ Arnab Goswami made The Newshour a monetarily successful program where he himself played the roles of the judge, the jury, and the executioner. His invitees were nothing but marionettes!

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India Has Banned Rs.500 and Rs.1000 Currency Notes Effective Midnight Today

The most revolutionary decision taken by PM Modi since he arrived in his office, suddenly changed the nature of discussions Indians used to have and brought them on a single boat talking only about demonetisation. To fight the menace of corruption and black money, and to accomplish the dream of digital India, this bold move was appreciated widely.

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Twitter Couldn’t Stop Laughing When Supreme Court Made National Anthem Compulsory

The decision of Supreme Court to play the National Anthem before commencement of movies in cinema halls was equally supported and trolled. Some of us were full of sheer pride to stand up for the nation whereas some found it downright stupid to sing Jan Gan Man in an era where Bollywood is producing morally degraded movies with speed of cruise missiles.

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J Jayalalithaa Is No More; Cardiac Arrest Proves Fatal For 68-Year-Old Tamil Nadu CM

The superstar of yore who later went on to become the lifeline of Tamil Nadu, fell to the guiles of destiny after suffering a cardiac arrest. Amma’s tragic demise was a huge jolt to the AIADMK and fans who considered her greater than even God. For cult followers, her death is like a hole in the heart that can never be filled.

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It Is Because Of Timur’s History That People Are Not Happy With The Baby Name of Saif-Kareena

The arrival of Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi into this mortal world created a shitload of ruckus on the landscape of social media. Even those who were never interested in the H of history, bundled themselves up with considerable information about the barbaric Turko-Mongol ruler of the 14th century. Hey guys, by the way Akhilesh Yadav’s nickname is Tipu. Anyone here?

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India’s Economy Is Now Bigger Than UK’s, The Country That Ruled India For 200 Years

The second half of year’s closing month made us feel proud when India outperformed its colonial ringleader in terms of GDP. The rapid economic growth under Modi’s regime and descent of Britain in the wake of Brexit, are some substantially large reasons how we became the world’s sixth-largest economy.

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