This Short Film About A Middle-Aged Couple Trying To Spice Up Their Sex Life Is Funny And Beautiful

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5:22 pm 1 Apr, 2017


It is said that when you tie the knot, sex is fast and furious, but when partners age, their sex life ages, too. Director Sonam Nair, expresses this emotion beautifully in a short film, ‘Khujli’, where a 40-ish couple tries to add more zest to their sex life.

The story starts off with husband (Jackie Shroff) finding a sex toy in his son’s bedroom. He, being completely infuriated, tries to call him up. At the same time, he notices that his wife (Neena Gupta) is okay with it, and surprisingly, she is laughing at it.

Also, she spills out a few secrets. She reveals that she knows all about BDSM, and has read ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’. Soon, they both struck an interesting conversation about their hidden fantasies and BDSM.



So, will they relive those good old nights?


Watch the complete story here, and you will laugh out loud seeing them in their “young shades of grey”:





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