This Independence Day, Let’s Pledge to Make Hindustan, ‘SAARE JAHAN SE ACCHA’

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Updated on 13 Aug, 2016 at 1:13 pm


Malls across Delhi, have already placed big banners on display that say “Proud to be Indian” to mark India’s 70th Independence Day. People are eagerly clicking selfies against the tricolour background, a rather harmless way to rejoice in the name of one’s country, you’ll agree.

But this makes me worried. I’m reminded here of what Rabindranath Tagore once said,

The Country isn’t the earth beneath our feet, it’s the people.

What he meant was: people must take care of both, the land they live on as well as other people around them. None of us intentionally mean to do wrong, but we can intentionally pay attention to doing what is correct, morally and humanly.


Let’s take care of our India. Let’s take personal responsibility.

Let’s make Bharat, Saare Jahan Se Accha and pledge our support to the following simple things, this Independence day:

1. If you see a child taken as domestic help, report it immediately. Don’t ignore.

No child below the age of 14 should be laboring. They should be studying.



2. You can’t just open your car’s window and throw garbage on the road. Don’t Say it’s already dirty

Someone like you dirtied it first, and now you are adding to that filth. Don’t be a bad example for your children.



3. National Monuments are a collective responsibility of the nation, not a lover’s board to leave your mark behind



4. It is true that there are not enough public toilets, but does that give you license to dirty public areas? No!



5. Sex determination is a crime. What’s sad is that even the most affluent families are encouraging this business by creating demand for it



6. No one really speaks about this openly. But what use is it, if after studying from the best B-schools, engineering colleges and clearing civil service examination, we still ask for dowry



7. Hindus, Muslims, Assamese, Gujaratis, Biharis, Sardars, together many communities makes India and each one has equal right over the country



8. Your neighbor may have diamonds, so what? Sometimes, wearing a necklace of flowers can make you happier



9. How many of you stop to help accident victims on the road? Human life is precious, save it. Stop and help



10. Don’t cross a Red Signal. It puts you and others at equal risk. Obey traffic rules and maintain road discipline. They are there for a reason



11. Watch your children carefully. Are they wasting food? Are they sensitive toward different people? Do they respect the house maid, driver, home guards, and people who serve them? Teach them by example



12. Above all, love your nation, be proud of it, but at the same time, also make sure you do things that make the nation feel proud of having you in return



13. Here’s also something truly inspiring written by Swami Vivekananda in context of loving the nation. Nothing can define it more beautifully



We can do it all, and we can make India, Sabse Accha.

Let’s Begin Today.


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