This Dog Has A Human Face And His Uncanny Resemblance Is Freaking People Out!

Updated on 13 Mar, 2018 at 3:54 pm


It’s no secret that a lot of animals resemble like their owners, due to a similar piece of accessory or same colored bed, etc. Of course, people share those animals on their social media accounts for the world to see — but one owner didn’t expect the reactions which her Shih-poo got, after she posted her ‘human looking’ dog on the social media site Reddit. The owner which went by the name Emceegrath, managed to generate a lot of buzz after her people started commenting on her pooch, who has a human face!



Meet Yogi, the one-year-old pup who has won the hearts of many users after his pictures went viral in February. The dog’s incredibly human-like face caught the attention of people instantly, who couldn’t believe how much resemblance he had with his soft features.


Have you not noticed anything unusual about him yet?



This dog belongs to 24 year old Chantal Desjardins, and goes by the name Yogi. As per Desjardins, she didn’t notice her dog’s human-like features until people’s reaction made her take a close look. “My friends were freaking out,” she told Buzzfeed.


People claimed that Yogi’s eyebrows, cute haircut, moustache etc, were undeniably human. Most of the users were impressed by his soulful and soft eyes which have an uncanny human look.


The dog’s piercing light almond-shaped eyes, strong eyebrows ridge and noticeably soft pinkish lips – all are making him increasingly more human-like.



Seeing Yogi with his other breed partners, makes you believe in this uncanny resemblance even more!



Here he is seen with his cute sister, but do they even look like siblings?



His owner insists that neither of his photos are altered or photo-shopped!


Even a video of this cutie on Chantal’s Facebook page will make you like him even more:



Yogi and his face have clearly made an impression on social media. Here are some over-the-reactions on social media which his cute face has garnered:






People were left unnerved and disturbed on Reditt:





They even compared him to Hollywood star Nicolas Cage!



While some left with weird and confusing comments:



This star dog has also got a YouTube video which you may just want to watch:




We are bowled over by his cuteness. Are you? Tell us in the comments.


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