Sushma Swaraj Brings Home An Indian Who Was Stuck In Court Proceedings In Dubai For 2 Years

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Updated on 6 Dec, 2016 at 7:17 pm


Sushma Swaraj has once again proved her mettle as a politician. Known to many, the External Affairs minister is currently undergoing treatment for kidney failure at the New Delhi’s AIIMS hospital. But, this did not stop her from  doing her duty.

Recently, many media channels brought the news of Jagannathan Selvaraj, an Indian stranded in Dubai, in focus. Selvaraj has been long trying to book a ticket from Dubai to India but every time, Dubai court has declined his request.

More so, he has walked around 1000 km from outskirts of Dubai to court to seek permission to visit India in last two years. He wasn’t even allowed to attend his mother’s funeral.

Selvaraj told Khaleej Times:

“I used to start early in the mornings when it was less hot. From Sonapur, I would walk to Al Qusais, then Al Nahda, the Airport Free Zone and from there on to Karama. I did not have money to buy a bus ticket or take the Metro. Nobody helped me, but I must have attended the court at least 20 times during the two years,”

Seeing such a needful situation, Sushma Swaraj immediately ordered to look into the matter:



And, after her successful talks with the Indian Embassy in Dubai, she was able to bring him back:

She is definitely setting an amazing example for politicians in India!



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