A Surgical Strike On Media Personalities; Barkha, Ravish’s Twitter Accounts Hacked

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9:21 am 11 Dec, 2016

In yet another attack on a high profile Twitter account, journalist Barkha Dutt’s handle was hacked late on December 9.

‘Legion’, the group behind similar attacks on the accounts of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, claimed responsibility for the incident.

The group posted some tweets on her handle and even leaked emails by the journalist. The miscreants also changed the journalist’s Twitter bio. It is not clear what is the motive behind their actions.

Interestingly, the hacker also shared her official login ID and password which appeared to really strong:





It appears to be that they have some software to get all the information.






Journalist Ravish Kumar’s official Twitter handle too was hacked by the group, hours after it hacked into the Twitter account of Dutt.



The group defended its actions, and said, “We use twitter as a means to reach the public. We don’t just hack twitter accounts. Go through the data and find out.”

Earlier, the group had shared liquor baron Mallya’s address and phone number in London in addition to some documents on his investment and other details pertaining to his residency in London.

The hacking group also warned that the next series of online attack will be against former IPL chairman Lalit K Modi. “Coming up next [email protected] leaks. Stay tuned.”

And the reactions poured in:



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