Shah Rukh Responds To Rakesh Roshan’s Claim Of Being Cheated In Raees V/s Kaabil Clash

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Updated on 2 Feb, 2017 at 8:00 pm


In spite of being one of the biggest clashes of 2017, Raees and Kaabil both have been garnering great appreciation and moolah at the box office. However, it’s now revealed that all has not been well ever since the distributors opened the two movies on their screens.



According to a DNA report, Rakesh Roshan claims that he has been betrayed by the distributors who initially promised an agreement of 50:50 screens to both films but ended up in 60:40 giving away more screens to Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees.

“I belong to the old school of film-making, where even official contracts were waved away. Word given to one another was enough. Here, the exhibitors and distributors are going back on their words so brazenly, under what pressures, I don’t know. I am very hurt. If this kind of unethical practices continue I will have to quit film-making. I am not equipped to handle back-stabbing on this level,” told Roshan to Quint.

Roshan is deeply hurt and upset by not just distributor’s betrayal but also by SRK’s inconsiderate behavior.


Apparently, according to a report by Indian Express, he had already asked Shah Rukh to shift his release date for mutual benefits. But as evident, SRK didn’t pay much heed to the request.

“So I met SRK and explained it to him that there is a well and we both are jumping into it. Because there is a box-office limitation of not crossing Rs 300 crore, either you will be at Rs 170 crore and I at Rs 130 crore or vice versa. I also told him Hrithik is not your contemporary. Your contemporaries are Salman Khan and Aamir Khan who have already crossed Rs 300 crore. So it is better that we don’t clash and you choose some other date.”

And now Shah Rukh Khan has responded to these claims by Rakesh Roshan with least diplomacy in sight.


“I always keep my friendship and business separate and I feel It should be like that. They are my friends and I wished Hrithik and team Kaabil all the best. I hope their film does amazing business.”



Further he said that he’d have asked his father to sort out the differences with Roshan Uncle, but he’s no more, so he won’t.

“If I had a father, I would make him talk to Rakeshji. But he’s no more. (Mere father hote toh main unse baat kara deta, lekin mere father nahi hai)”.


“Baniye ka dimag aur miyanbhai ki daring” 

True that!


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