When A Kashmiri Muslim Family Helped Shashikant Who Got Struck In Amarnath Yatra Chaos

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Updated on 25 Jul, 2016 at 8:03 pm


Amid times when the mainstream media is full of news telling about the difficulties faced by Amarnath Yatris, Shashikanth Pandya, a resident of Gujarat, shared his 15-year-old experience in Kashmir.

When he was on his way to Amarnath in Pampore- a district 11kms away from Srinagar, chaos broke down in surrounding areas. In those tough times, a local Kashmiri-Muslim resident Abdul took Shashikant to his house where he was greeted by his wife and children.

Shashikant stayed there for a while where Abdul and Shameena’s family treated them like their own.



The two families stayed in touch over all these years and Shashank even attended the wedding of their daughter who call them ”mamu’‘ now. He also fulfilled all the ceremonies a maternal uncle would have.

Shameena in fact, visited Shashank in Gujarat as well on Rakshabandhan.

Their friendship is a fine example for everyone who believes Kashmiris are not Indians and have no sympathies for the rest of India.


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