YAY!! ‘Shararat’ Is Coming Back For Season 2

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6:35 pm 9 Feb, 2017


Television has almost become non-existent for our generation which feeds on Netflix and nostalgia of 2000’s shows. ‘Shararat’ was one of the many amazing shows which kept our evenings occupied. Probably, all these shows have raised the standards too high to be happy by what is served today.



Here’s the good news!

Shararat might just be back with season 2. Who announced it, you say?

Our very own Jia!

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Getting ready for season2 of #shararat 😜

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Oh god, how we’ve missed Nani, Pam, Dhruv and Jia.

Check out these pictures, as they give you hope for a *magical* tomorrow.


Remain the same, you guys.


Some time back, the Sarabhais announced their comeback on television and all of us went berserk. We guess lack of quality content is asking the best of these show makers to make a comeback. But are we complaining? Hell, no!




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