Meet Internet’s Hot Favourite Meme #Saltbae, The Hot Butcher Who Sprinkles Salt In Style

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Updated on 23 Feb, 2018 at 1:02 pm


Everyone’s drooling over 2017’s official first Internet meme. He’s a chef/owner of a Dubai restaurant and his exotic style of sprinkling salt over meat is making us go whoaaaa.

Meet #SaltBae.



Here’s the luscious video which started it all.




Salt bae is a Turkish butcher known as Nusret Gökçe, a family man with restaurants in Turkey and Dubai. This snazzy and sensual chef has got six steakhouses to his credit named after his own name “Nusr- et”. Seems like he was born to be a sexy butcher, because well, ‘et’ means meat in Turkish.


While he’s been around here for a while, this Johnny Depp look-alike’s recent salt-sprinkling act has got the Internet kinda hooked.



And so here’s how Internet went on making him the official first meme of 2017.

The man of our dreams


The man of his nightmare


#Foodporn just got real


He’s got a goddamn sketch



And an emoji, whoa.


#Saltbae is caps lock RELATABLE.


When you use “thus” in an essay

K, Kay?



Keep it going  #Saltbae



He’s kinda hot, sexy and totally relatable. I guess, #Saltbae is really the one.




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