Girls, For The Sake Of 90s And His Bachelorhood, Let’s Gift Salman Khan The Redemption From Bhaizone

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3:29 pm 27 Dec, 2016


While in the recent years, there have been several digs taken on his bachelorhood, Bhai has had quite a reputation with the ladies in the past. Apart from his scandalous love life, his charming face and hot shirtless body have also made headlines back in the 90’s. For the sake of his singlehood (and cited virginity!), let’s give Salman Khan a chance to make a place back in the hearts of millions of girls who have come to start calling him “Bhai”.

Bohhot hogaya. Bhai has redeemed himself of all legal charges, it’s time we redeem him from BHAI ZONE too.

For the sake of old times, girls, old times🔥🔥



 When Prem debuted in our lives with that coy smile 😍



After which every earth-shattering, heart melting look of his sang “Hey Hey, Heyhey” to us 💘 💘




Giving us all mushy feels of secretly wishing for a Prem in our lives ☺️ ☺️ – even in 21st century when the chances are anything but bleak.




I’d really like to know the exact moment when this adorable munchkin face was made the official Bhai of the nation 😤


Because these abs never deserved to hear BHAI! NO 😡



When Rahul has officially got the credit for Fuckboi after 17 years, can we please admit our grown up selves will any day root for Aman? 💁🏻


While some sin might never be forgiven, do you see those dove eyes begging you to uncage him out of Bhai zone, at least? ☹️



Girls, let bygones be bygones.

For the sake of Prem (pun really intended), give Bhai a chance to redeem himself in this new inning of 50’s.



Un-Bhai him ❤️


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