Even Salim Khan Is Initimidated By Salman Khan’s Stardom

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Updated on 3 Feb, 2017 at 4:56 pm


Salman Khan has got the Bollywood Midas touch. You know the fate of every movie he stars in – even before it goes floor for a shoot. And you know you have really crossed all boundaries of stardom when even your father is intimidated by working with you.



This is simply the reason why renowned scriptwriter Salim Khan has decided he won’t ever write a film for Salman Khan.

Recently appearing on Zee Classic’s My Life My Story, Salim Khan revealed why he doesn’t write a film for Salman in spite of having a superhit from their collaboration. Here’s what he said:


It’s not that I haven’t written films for Salman. I had written a film for him – Patthar Ke Phool which did reasonably well too. Even today, when I pitch a script, people always have a question that “if it is good then why is Salman not acting”? But I wanted to get out of that vicious circle. Another thing is if a movie fails, it is my fault. If it is a hit, it is Salman’s efforts!


Waah, stardom ho toh aisa! 




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