10 Rules The Kardashians Must Follow

5:15 pm 25 Feb, 2018


The Kardashians and Jenners may be the most famous love-hate relationship you ever have in a reality star family. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be part of such a renowned empire? There are some rules that Kardashians wouldn’t dare to break. Find below absurd rules this family needs to follow.

1. Never leave the house without makeup

As some of the most photographed people in the world, there is never a moment that their hair isn’t done or their makeup isn’t painted on. No quick stepping outside. It’s full tilt red carpet for a trip to the grocery store.

2. Bikinis in bright light is a big no


There is a rule never to expose bikini clad body in broad, blaring, bright sunlight. The reason is that bright sun is drastically more harsh and can be reveal imperfections and cellulite more visibly. Whereas earlier or later in the day, the light is more gentle and more forgiving of bumps and dimples. Same goes for slightly overcast days. The covered sunlight compliments the skin tone and figure.

3. Kris never gets called grandma

Never call Kris grandma and that is a rule. The kids are not allowed to refer their grandmother with that name. They must at all times refer to Kris as “Lovely”. The fifty seven year old Kris has eleven grandchildren and she is raising them all with Kardashian rules.

4. No dressing up at home for Caitlyn

Before Caitlyn went to her transformation into the woman she was always meant to be, Kriss put parameters up. There is no dressing up in the home, ever. Bruce, now Caitlyn, had been taking hormones since the 1980’s. When they were married, there was one rule established: if Caitlyn was to dress up, she was to do so outside the house. Until 2015 she fully transitioned into woman she is today. Caitlyn is now sixty six and was married to Kris for twenty four years and can finally be the person she always wanted to be.

5. Final decisions always come from Kanye

There are so many instances where we became aware the way Kanye is. We will mention only one, he refused to appear on his wife show saying that he didn’t like the camera angles and lighting. They met his needs. Or the time Kris redid her driveway with imported cobblestone but Kanye didn’t like the color so ultimately they redid it all second time. He said for himself that he is: Picasso, Michaelangelo, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs.

6. No guzzling for Kim, Kylie and Kendall in public

These ladies gotta keep it all class when they are in public. When their priority is maintaining face being able to get drunk in public could really tarnish their family name. Their management team know that upholding an image of class in significantly more long lasting than an embarrassing crotch shot tumbling out of nightclub door.

7. Paparazzi are not friends – no smiling


The Kardashians and Jenners have made a strict rule to protect them all. No smiling, engaging or chatting with the paparazzi. In 2008, the year after her self tape was leaked on the internet, Kim loved the attention. Now it’s all sunglasses, to teeth and head down.

8. No microwaves, WiFi, junk food and pop in Kourtney’s home

In Kortney’s home is no soda, no junk food, mo microwaves or WiFi. Kortney’s home may sound like puragorty, but she has her reasons. Microwaves and WiFi can cause harmful radiation that we can’t see or feel. Out of all Kardashians, Kortney is by far the biggest and most devoted health fanatic. When cooking meals for he family everything is gluten-free, dairy-free and organic.

9. Their cell phones must have increased protection

Privacy and security is a major problem when it comes to anyone well known. After 2014 Apple Icloud mishap where Kim and handful of other celebrities had photos leaked online, the Kardashians have upped their security, significantly. Kylie, Kim and Kendall, all ranked in the top ten followed instagram accounts in the world.

10. NDA’s for all house guests, no exceptions

Non-disclosure agreements are a huge must to anyone who wants to enter the precious Kardashian household. With all the guests they host, parties they throw, who knows what cat fights might break out during house gathering. Though their family is excessively public, to the point taking over the reality tv world with a handful of shows, privacy is still cherished commodity and they are protecting theirs as best as they can. No selling stories to press and if anyone leaks any information, legal action is taken.


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