“I Categorically Said NO To It” : Rahman On The Humma Song Remixed By Badshah

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7:25 pm 15 Jan, 2017


While on one hand OK Jaanu was already garnering much criticism for its poor remake of Tamil superhit O Kadhal Kanmani, the release of its new song “The Humma Song” was a perfect icing on the cake.



The song has been ruling the chartbuster since day one, yet Twitter trends showed its impact to be pretty otherwise.



And then people were kinda pissed off more with the maestro than with Badhshah himself.
After all, how could he possibly ruin his own masterpiece of the epic Bollywood hit Humma?

But hey guys, turns out, Rahman Ji’s got nothing to do with it. Because seems like, he too was equally dejected by the whole idea of revamping Humma by Badhshah’s “magical spin”.



Excerpt from his interview to Huffington Post:

I had a complete block. I categorically said ‘No’ when Karan Johar (producer, ‘Ok Jaanu’) and Shaad Ali (director) came to me with it. I said I don’t think this is a good idea. Let’s not do it. But they were convinced that Badshah could spin his magic and make it work for the younger audience. They wanted to go ahead with it. Now that the song has released, it’s apparently a big hit, so I guess they were probably right.

Umm no, they were not.



Anyway, here’s a little remedy to wash over the pain, if possibly you can.



Just on a side note, let’s spare a moment of grief for Rahman watching his song getting ruined right in front of his eyes. Ouch!


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