Do You Remember That Touching Moment When L.K. Advani Made PM Narendra Modi Emotional In The Parliament?

Updated on 3 Sep, 2018 at 7:23 pm


Described often as strong-headed and perfectionist, the one who took the country in an entirely new direction, Narendra Modi has always been someone who has never shied away giving the honor of the mass victory in Lok Sabha 2014 elections to his party, BJP.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a rally.

Time and again he has openly talked about the respect he holds for BJP and the party members. It was 2014 when the country witnessed a historic mandate (after Rajiv Gandhi’s winning in 1984), and Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister.


Behind Modi becoming the Prime Minister, party leaders like Lal Krishna Advani played an important role.


Modi and Advani in the middle of a discussion.

At the time when Modi gave his first speech as a PM-elect at the Lok Sabha, he chocked and left many in tears, including Mr. Advani.


At a speech, Advani had earlier quoted that Modi has done the party a favor “kripa”. This simply triggered many emotions in him and at his speech, Modi said, “Advaniji ne ek shabd kahaa. Main Advanji se prarthna karoonga ki woh iss shabd ka istmaal na kare. Unhone kaha ki Narendra bhai ne kirpa ki. (Advaniji said that I have done a favor to BJP. I will request him not to use this term).”


Modi getting emotional during his speech.

As he said this, he chocked and got extremely emotional. Modi couldn’t hide his tears and made every single person sitting in the parliament teary-eyed.

He took a moment to gather himself before continuing his speech. Truly, our Prime Minister is a man of many emotions.

Here is the video of Modi’s speech.



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