There’s Something Strange And Mysterious About The Pillars Of This 16th Century Vijayanagara Temple

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2:56 pm 17 Nov, 2017


When it comes to the history of ancient India, miracles abound in plenty. From the unusual position of the chakra atop the Jagannath Temple in Puri to the menstruating deity at the Kamakhya Devi Temple in Assam, there are innumerable instances of such miracles in many ancient Indian temples the explanation to which have eluded even the most famous scientists of the times. One such temple which have bears witness to yet another instance of unusual architecture is the Le Pakshi Temple.

The sculpted pillars at the Le Pakshi temple in Andhra Pradesh. Amusing


Located in the Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh, nearly 120 kilometers from the Karnataka capital, Bangalore, the Le Pakshi temple is a resplendent beauty that was built in accordance with the Vijayanagara school of architecture.


The awe-inspiring structure of the Veerabhadra Temple or the Le Pakshi Temple. Mindwink


Like any temple built in similar style, pillars and columns adorned with sculptures of gods and goddesses can be found in plenty in this temple. In fact, there are seventy pillars in the temple, to be specific. But what makes these pillars a spectacle in themselves is the fact that one of these seventy pillars is completely suspended in air. Yes, you heard it right. It is not at all connected to the ground and has still stood the test of time.

The pillar is not connected with the ground yet has been standing tall since the 16th century. Inrootz


Many scientists and architects have tried resolving the technique used to build this pillar, and everyone has failed miserably. In fact, it is known that a British engineer had tried removing the pillar altogether during the British era but his efforts, too, went in vain.

A woman inserts her saree beneath the pillar to prove that it is not connected to the ground. Amusing


The temple is also known by the name Veerabhadra Temple. A great example of ancient Indian architecture, this temple also houses the biggest structure of Nandi Bull, crafted entirely out of a block of stone and is a spectacle in itself.

The statue of Nandi Bull had been carved entirely out of a single block of stone. Mythical India


Have you been to the Le Pakshi temple? If so, did you find this hanging block inside the temple? Share in your experiences at the temple in the comments section below.


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