Phillauri Is The Story Of A Cute Ghost With An Unfinished Business

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Updated on 6 Feb, 2017 at 6:52 pm


None of what we must have anticipated is Phillauri – an Anushka Sharma venture as an actor and a producer after the super-hit movie NH10.

Shashi is a cute friendly ghost who lives on a tree in the village of Phillaur, Punjab.



However, she unwillingly gets married to a cool millennial boy who is forced to marry a tree for being a manglik.


Life of Pi famed Suraj Sharma gets haunted by Phillauri’s presence everywhere. She’s not creepy though. She’s adorable and really angry on this stupid boy for marrying her.



Becauaaause, turns out, Phillauri had some other plans from her past life- which unfortunately never got fulfilled.



This “unfinished business” was a hot hunk a.k.a Diljit Dosanjh blessed with a divine voice.




To spread his divine voice and words to change this world, Diljit sets out on a journey with a promise to come back to our heroine after making her proud.



But guess things don’t work out that way and poof, Shashi becomes a ghost.



How did Shashi become a ghost? What was the unfinished business? How will she find her place in this crazy wedding madness?

Get to know it all on March 24th.  Also, this trailer will give you hope for Bollywood cinema.




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