It Finally Happened! Lilly Singh Drops A Video Ft. PeeCee; Exotic AF, These Girls Are On Fire

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3:02 pm 25 Dec, 2016


What could be a better Christmas present for us than to see two of our most favorite women coming together in a single frame? Ever since Priyanka Chopra shifted to America and then later became friends with THE ROCK, we all have been wondering why haven’t we seen Peecee – Lilly and their exotic Punjabi-ness together?

BRUAAHHHH! The wait is over.


Lilly Singh has collaborated with Priyanka Chopra in her new video “How to Be a Good Wing Woman (ft. Priyanka Chopra)” and can we officially term it as the best Youtube moment for desi millennials?

Apart from their two exotic faces and their kickass sass,



they have their perfect Punjabi candidness and camaraderie in place.




Watch it come alive here:



While the video shows PeeCee cringy AF (further reassuring wattay fine actress she is!), the bloopers are full-on real and fabulous – kinda also giving you WHADAHELL IMMA DOING WITH MY LIFE vibe.

Sigh. Go on, watch these two being completely in love and awe of each other as they bring us new friendship goals.





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