PeeCee’s Bad Ass Reply To Having Donald Trump As US President Will Make You Proud

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2017 at 4:36 pm


Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra on January 19 won People’s Choice award for the second time in a row, while people back in India are ecstatic about her win, people in the US seem to be worried about the fact that they might just lose their ‘Quantico’ star due to their next president Donald Trump.


Just hours before PeeCee was set to head to take the People Choice Awards’ stage, she was approached by a paparazzi at the LA airport.

While one would have thought his first question would be on the event or her role in Quantico, he went on to ask her about US’s much talked about topic – President-elect Donald Trump and the US for foreigners under him as the President.



Though others might have just ignored the question and kept walking, our very own PeeCee with a straight face replied,

“Well, I am an Indian so…”

Her answer while remained open-ended, her next question seemed to send the Paparazzi in defence,

“Are you scared?”

He quickly recovered by saying No, though quickly added,

 “No I am not, but it seems like a lot of foreigners are”

Here is what happened,



Well, it seems clear to us that to PeeCee having Trump as US’s president or not absolutely does not make a difference, and why should it, she is ‘Indian’ after all.

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