Pakistani Cinema Owners Lift Self Imposed Ban On Bollywood Films

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Updated on 17 Dec, 2016 at 10:55 pm


Very recently, Pakistani cinema owners had imposed a ban on screening Bollywood films as a consequence of the ban on Pakistani actors, movies, and serials in India. As expected, Pakistani cinema owners are back to lifting a ban on Bollywood films.


According to the Chairman Film Exhibitors Association, Zoraiz Lashari, cinema owners would begin screening Indian films across Pakistan from December 19 (Monday).


“Cinema business has been hit immensely and all stakeholders felt it was the right time to begin screening Indian films. It was always a self imposed suspension, not a ban. So I’ll be releasing Freaky Ali in our cinemas and other cinema owners will follow suit,” told Lashari to Express Tribune.



However, alternate sources say it’s Indian private companies who are keen on Pakistan uplifting the ban as it has hit the profits of Indian stakeholders too. Apparently, Indian distributors are trying to release ‘Dangal’ in Pakistan and to test public sentiments before that, they’re releasing Freaky Ali and PINK at CineStar Cinema.



Raes, starring Shahrukh Khan and Pakistan’s own actress Mahira Khan, is also said to one of the movies to hold a promising business in Pakistan. The move of ban upliftment will surely benefit many.




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