PeeCee’s Indian Team Mannequin Challenge Looks Trophy-Winning, But Did She Fail It?

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1:52 pm 29 Dec, 2016


She’s gold these days. Having that Midas touch, everything Priyanka Chopra touches turns gold.

The latest is the mannequin challenge which looks super-gold with Priyanka Chopra and her Indian team freezing to the challenge for one whole minute. On one look, you’ll love it and will be convinced that PeeCee is taking away the winner’s trophy for this year’s mannequin challenge.

Here, watch it:


However, on a second look, you’ll realize while the show was darn good, Priyanka Chopra kind of failed in the challenge.

Here is PeeCee in the first shot:




Here is she, in the last one.



Sigh! All for the perfect expression, shall we say?


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