Olympic Medalist Mugged Hours After Winning Bronze Medal, Left With A Huge Black Eye

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Updated on 11 Aug, 2016 at 12:42 pm


Belgian Judo star Dirk Van Tichelt who recently won a Bronze medal at the ongoing Rio Olympics was mugged a day later while he was relaxing at the world famous Copacabana beach.


Dirk, was kicking back with his friends when the day turned for the worse and he was set upon by a local thug who also left him with a huge black eye.

The injury was so bad that Dirk was forced to go to the hospital while the Rio thief took off with his mobile phone.



But despite losing his mobile Dirk was able to keep hold on to his prized bronze medal and other possessions.

The news was confirmed by the Belgian Olympic Committee who said Dirk was taken to a local hospital but did not receive any treatment.

Dirk later appeared at an event the next day with his medal on the show, all the while also sporting a black eye.


Rio’s gangs often target tourists as easy victims for stealing phones, wallets, and passports.

Over the past few weeks, many countries had issued advisories to the tourists visiting Rio, warning them about the muggers in Rio.


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