Kajol And Her Daughter Nyasa Are Typically All Of Us On Social Media With Our Moms

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Updated on 1 Feb, 2017 at 8:53 pm


Social media was a revolution. Having our moms been introduced to it was, however, an awkward revolution. From awkward tagged photos to embarrassing comments on our pictures, our Moms are worth meme-ing about.

But Kajol, the sass queen of 90’s, turned out to be quite a sass mom on social media when she tagged her daughter Nysa on a meme she made. Now, all her fans would go “Awww” but Nysa as a typical teenager was not impressed by her mom. After all, everything a mom does on social media has to be annoying – even if it’s an impressive cool meme.



And this is definitely not the first time; mom Kajol keeps embarrassing Nysa with her sincere lovely posts.

But Nysa being all of us practically is constantly annoyed.

“Mommmmmmmmmm NO!”




But since imma 90’s kid, I will hoot for Kajol all the way.

This meme thing is cute AF Mom Kajol!



(Only as long as my mom is not doing it, tbh)


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