Let A Dreamy Musical Night By Ayaan-Amaan Unwind Your Stress Unlike Any Bollywood Night

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Updated on 9 Feb, 2017 at 6:58 pm


While ‘Saturday Saturday’ is great on a Saturday night, it’s not the same on a weekday night. While churning out ”Work Work” on your way to work is perfect for a morning boost, it’s not so perfect when you come back exhausted by the labor of your day.

Our lust for EDMs and Bollywood music has rooted out the need for meaningful music.



Let’s accept it, we have an undying love of music. It’s evident in the way technology is advancing to give music a place even in our shower. Unless you were living under the rock, you’d know about shower speakers! But, we also need to know there’s music for every occasion. While lyrics give every occasion another meaning (case in point: love songs, sad songs, party songs and so on), its the classical music we need to hold onto.

Our generation googles study music and meditation music on YouTube on rare days, but it’s so disheartening to see that we never look for classical music. Probably because we were never educated about it. Or, we think of it as old-fashioned, or worse, as devotional music.


Classical music is categorized as niche. But, why should there be a niche for something so rudimentary to our existence?

This is not just about giving art the respect it deserves, but it is also about being aware of the innumerable benefits of this music. It’s healing and a scientific study at the University of Helsinki has concluded that “listening to classical music enhanced the activity of genes that are mainly related to reward and pleasure, cognitive functions and proper brain function”.



The Sarod, one of the integral instruments of Indian classical music, has the tranquilizing sound of a river flowing over the smooth edges of pebbles. The sarod we know today was a rubab which originated from the land of Persia years ago.


Said to have later transformed into the present form of Sarod, this instrument is  synonymous with Ustad Amjad Ali Khan — the sixth generation of the Bangash lineage who claim to have invented the Sarod. While Ustad Amjad Ali Khan has been bestowed with stupendous recognitions, his sons Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan are carrying the lineage forward for their father.



Jashn-E-Rekhta is an annual festival to celebrate the vibrancy of Urdu which has been personified in poetry, calligraphy, music and food in the three-day-long festival. While many imminent personalities have made an appearance in the last two years, this time, a dreamy musical evening awaits you, as Ayaan and Amaan Ali take you on an enchanting trip of serenity.



The third edition of the fest will be held on the weekend of 17 February this year. Gulzar, who has previously been in collaboration with Ustad Amjad Ali Khan for directing a documentary on his life, will be inaugurating the festival along with the Sarod-player. The festival also consists of a number of other exciting events.Check them all out here.

Entry open for everyone. For registrations, click here.



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