Master Chef Australia 8: The Food Trail We Will Miss So Much Until Next Time

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Whether the makers of MasterChef Australia deliberately spiced it up this year, or it just happened, goes without saying that Indian viewers sincerely loved every episode. Few among us, especially ardent fans, went as far as watching it every night, and then following repeat episodes on the weekend.

I have friends telling me how their husbands wouldn’t buzz on weekends, just to see colourful platters on TV, their mouth swelling with saliva, looking morose, when they saw Daal Sabzi and roti served instead.

Thankfully, the turmoil of the ordinary Indian wife is over as the show has ended.  But, it comes as a loss to viewers who can’t find anything as exciting as MasterChef to watch on TV.

We really miss it, and here’s why:



OMG – Food was the showstopper and it only got better during this season. Episode after episode, contestants rolled out nothing less than mouthwatering decadence. From melting dark chocolate to perfectly cooked pink meat, contestants took grueling challenges well into their stride, to create food that awed the judges and kept the audience wanting more.

Some of the dishes looked like a million bucks.


2. The horrifying eliminations that broke our hearts 

We Indians have a knack for being emotional over everything, and it was no different when contestants were eliminated from season 8. Our hearts sank and sometimes the eyes swam with fresh tears.

Especially, if it was our favorite contestant, watching the elimination was even harder.

3. And everytime, someone missed home, our eyes would well up 

The heart grew weak not just to watch elimination, but also when contestants failed at their cooking.

The joy of seeing some of them get a 2nd chance was a high for the Indian audience. For me it was the return of Theresa Visintin, who came back with the stunning sweet ball, oozing with red filling.

Share in the comments below, the most disturbing elimination according to you.

4. We all had a favourite contestant

Although most of us had more than one contestant, we would always bet upon a particular contestant, only to be disappointed in the end to see someone unexpected take the win of the day.

5. Nidhi was undoubtedly, our Indian Star Of Season 8

So far, we have seen 5 Indian contestants participate in 8 seasons of the Australia chapter, and each one has made us proud. This year, it was Nidhi, a call-centre employee, who hails from Chandigarh. She was the first person to make it to the top 24 of season 8.

We rejoiced when she cooked well, and cheered for her everything she set out for the pressure test.

6. She made headlines by touching the feet of the judges

Her elimination made news headlines and for every right reason. It was the first time, a contestant had touched the feet of the judges, as a mark of respect as done in India.

Now, we remember her more for touching the feet of the judges, even more than her cooking.

7. The PANICKING Immunity Challenge

A surprise that made us feel nervous as we watched the immunity challenge.

Nigella Lawson, guest chef and Matt, went to the house at midnight, and asked Harry Foster, Mimi Baines and Karmen Lu to cook her midnight snacks. She is known for these snacks.

Watch Harry again, and how he made it through the gruelling challenge.



8. Marco’s “Invention Test” and how it was nailed 

Marco was back for a short time this time, and just raised the bar of cooking at the show. He offered classic meat and three vegetables. What could contestants make with just this?

Just look at what the contestants came up with.

Matt’s lamb kofts creation

Nidhi’s South Indian take on Aussie Classic

Olivia’s lamb backstrap dish


9. Our Favorite Trio – Matt, George And Gary, always happy

Matt, George and Gary, don’t they always look so happy?

In the last 8 years, there’s not been a season when the three got involved in a controversy. Did anyone ever hear them fighting over results? Wherever they went, they just had so much fun. They respect each other, which was apparent in the way they conduct the show. Never saw them fight over results. Of course, if they would have argued inside tasting rooms, we wouldn’t know.

And how can we forget phrases by the Judges, which have become MasterChef legends.

Boom Boom Shake the Room

Chop chop

This is the most important dish of your life 

11. Did they get cooking lessons? The secret behind the talented home cooks

We’re left open mouthed, everytime, these so called home cooks, came up with gourmet dishes, and God the food looks spectacular. Do you think, they get classes during the show?

The secret isn’t out yet, though lame claims for both sides are amply available on the internet.

12. Have you already started watching repeat episodes? 

You’re not a true fan, if you’re not following repeat episodes.

You can catch repeat episodes, at 9.00 pm (IST) every week day on Star World. Of course, if you’re still interested.




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