18 Things Men Can Do To Make Women Feel Safer Anywhere In India

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Updated on 14 Jan, 2016 at 4:49 pm


Unlike boys or men, for a woman feeling safe is one of her top priorities. And when we say safe we don’t just talk of physical safety, we talk of feeling safe emotionally, spiritually and in the mind.

We have for the men some simple tips to make this happen. Most of these things don’t require you to have six abs, instead they requires you to use your strength sensibly.


1. Keeping her safe does not mean fighting off a mugger. Instead, it means not putting her in a compromising circumstance.

Making woman feel safer




2. It means that you will never ask her to do something that might put her safety at stake.

If she is going out in the dark, you will walk her to the car.


3. If you are dropping her home, leave only after she enters her home.

Let her know that you are watching her back.


4. Don’t corner her to the extent that she is forced to set boundaries for your physical relationship.

Instead discuss them with her, and stick to your word.


5. Do not ever ask her to compromise on her integrity.

If she is telling you repeatedly to cool down, then in all probability she does not feel safe with you.


6. Give her space to express her deepest emotions and opinions.

It’s easier said than done. Will you be able to guarantee that there will be no negative feedback?


7. Every girl loves a protective guy who stands up for her reputation and integrity.

Are you that guy?


8. Never put her in a position where other people get a chance to question her morals.

She is not a toy to play with. Make a promise only when you intend to keep it.


9. Submission is a joy; don’t take advantage of it.

A woman will not submit if she does not feel safe.


10. Do not take advantage of the anonymity of the virtual world.

If you say you are single on a dating site, then be it. You might not be answerable to the woman, but you sure are to God.


11. If you want her to feel safe, never ask her to meet you in a private place or a shady resorts.

If she backs out of the idea, or insists on meeting in public, she obviously does not feel safe with you. Better still, let her decide the venue!


12. If she wants to drive to a first date herself, don’t insist on picking her up.

Let her feel free to leave early, if things don’t go well.


13. Revive chivalry – open the car door for her, walk on the side of the traffic and watch her back in public.

Your focus on the small things will make her feel safer, than brawling with someone in a night club.


14. If you are planning to date casually, follow her cues, do not assume anything.

If you want her to feel safe, assure her that safe sex is important for you.


15. Use your head and do not go by the narcissist norms of our male dominated society.

After all, in our country the punishment for rape is seven years, and the punishment for boarding the wrong bus at night is brutal death.


16. Stop the tradition of raising future kings. Instead, raise future kings and princesses.

It is the duty of every parent, especially dads to raise their kids as equals.


17. Stand up for your daughters from the day they are born.

When your eight-year-old confides in you about the uncle who molested her, don’t ask her to keep quiet. Take a stand and make her feel protected. This is not her shame.


18. Every man should look within and vow to change the system.

Stop blaming the western world, MTV and media for the crimes against woman. Do some introspection and this world will definitely become a safer place for all women. After all, there are men who do not beat their wives, and protect their daughters against all odds.



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