Learning Should Be Shaped By The Quest For Creativity And Problem-Solving

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India is the second most populous state in the globe. Recently, we scaled heights in different fields. For example, we are now a major player in space and nuclear science field. Our economy is growing. The manufacturing is booming. As per a recent survey, it is growing at more than 10 percent per year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much ambitious Make in India programme is gaining fast pace. Same time, we are far behind in some other fields as well. There are several reasons for the same. The sluggish education system and corruption are the root cause.

Indian youths and tremendous possibilities

Our youths have tremendous potentiality. Some experts and social scientists believe that if all the Indian intellectuals from Europe and other developed countries return to India, the entire developmental work of the world would come to the halt. Medical facilities, research, and others will be put on hold. The brain drain is not a new event. It started from the very beginning.

We are the ocean of talents. Our talents simply need to be shaped and educated, but the problem lies with the education system. Government education system is pathetic and the large poor mass cannot afford private schooling. Recently released Annual School Education Report 2017 portrays a mixed picture. It says a large number of students studying in rural schools couldn’t read fluently their own language. But at the same time, these kids could read and understand the English language. English opens the door to enormous possibilities within and offshore.

The education system is now long driven by new technology but the imperious attitude of government system has made them ill. Their swanky background gradually became lusterless. Simply technology and presence of teachers cannot brush aside the dust glued to it. It requires being thoroughly changed.

New set of systems

Our learning is blended with both technology and face to face conversation in the classroom. Don’t let the young minds dump yard of your ideas. The learning should be shaped by the quest for creativity, problem-solving, higher order thinking, and the sheer joy of discovery. The delight should be the center of learning, which would pull the children to the learning process.


The human brain is unique computer made by nature. It is connected with the delicate circuit by different organs of the body. All the organs function under the control of brain cells. Every one of us bestowed with this excellent computer and circuit. One must remember that the computer’s function largely depends upon the command we send. If we send a positive and creative command, we get the positive output and vice versa. It is said that we hardly use ten percent of our brain’s capacity.

Our universities, colleges, and schools are stuck to the age-old system. They perpetuate traditional classrooms, rows of chairs, and the unique bell and so on. The wall, benches, blackboards do not make the education perfect. All these remind us the ‘Mack lay’ way of education, imparted since the mid-nineteenth century. There are so many regulatory authorities like AICET, MCI, UGC etc. but they all proved white elephant so far. It has experienced more authority more corruption and in turn lack of quality. The educational bodies obsessed with fixing the curriculum rarely pay attention to the quality and informal creative outside activities.

How can we get rid of it?

First, we should ensure quality, not quantity. We are producing the highest number of technocrats but very small folk of them are employable. Why? Because we focused on the number. Same is the case with teachers. Say for example – in Bihar a large number of teachers appointed in primary, secondary and high school levels but their quality is below standard. Intelligent people prefer not to join education institutions. We must remember that teachers are the first ladder to scale sky.

A vast majority of Indian teachers are not exposed to new age learning and teaching methods. So make them acquainted with the latest methods of it on a continuity basis. The research should be the focal point for teachers and as well as students.

Flexible education methods are urgently needed. A tailor-made education system is not fruitful for our young’s. It should be adopted according to the need of the hour. The central, as well as State governments, should put education on the top of the agenda.


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