Under Trump’s New Immigration Policies, Kashmiri Athlete Denied Visa To USA

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Updated on 2 Feb, 2017 at 6:38 pm


While Trump claimed that India would remain unaffected by it’s new immigration policies, seems like this Kashmiri athlete is seeing the other side of the day. It’s to be noted that India is not on the immigrant list of countries banned in USA issued by Trump.



Tanveer Hussein, all geared up for World Snowshoe Federation (WSSF) championship in New York on February 25, approached US Embassy in New Delhi for his visa. However, he was denied the visa following Trump’s new immigration policy.

“The visa officer took my interview for five minutes and inquired about the sport. After the interview she went inside, spoke to someone and then said that I can’t be granted visa because of the current policy of the United States.”




Hussein is very disappointed with the denial as he confirms he has been to Italy before and never faced any kind of a visa problem there. He has been training for the championship since a month in Gulmarg and a decision like this feels like a blow-out on his career.

“This is the first time any country has refused visa to me. It is such a disappointing feeling that I don’t have a word to express it. I was going to represent India in the United States. It seems the visa ban is not for the seven countries of the Muslim majority countries, but on the Muslims throughout the world,” Hussain further added.


Nevertheless, there still seems to be hope.

Mayor Clyde Rabideau has posted a piece of his conversation with Hussein’s manager Abid Khan on his official Facebook page.



Hopefully, Hussein manages to perform in New York representing India on an international level. Nevertheless, the entire fiasco only adds fuel to the burning fire of Trump’s ruthless immigration policy.



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