Kashmiri Girl Zufa Iqbal Receives IGNITE Award From President For Her Revolutionary Invention Of A Namda Rolling Machine

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Updated on 6 Feb, 2017 at 5:49 pm


Zufa Iqbal, a young Kashmiri student of class 12th who has lived in the distressed environment of Kashmir all her life, is making a name for her innovative technological invention which promises to give a new lease of life to Kashmir’s dying local art “Namda”.



Namda – a floor mattress commonly used in sitting arrangements on cold floors in Kashmir, has traditionally been made by wool. It can either be plain or embroidered. The embroidery enhances its beauty with its colourful threads and Kashmiri needlework known as ‘Aari’.

Almost every household has historically have has a Namda in their homes. However, with time their popularity has been diminishing owing to the complex work involved in its making.



To revitalize the losing charm of Namda, Zulfa Iqbal has come up with a brilliant idea of ‘Namda Rolling Machine’. The machine is efficient enough to produce a simple Namda in 7-8 minutes. In another 15, it’s designed and washed as a final product. Zufa is further interested in simplifying it so that the production cost comes down so that it becomes affordable for all.




For her marvelous invention, Zulfa has been bestowed with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE Award by the President Of India, Mr, Pranab Mukherjee. The IGNITE Award is dedicated to technological inventions and creations by young children of India.  The Jammu Kashmir government is also supporting Zulfa for her efforts in recreating the market of ‘Namda’ .






Source: New Age Kashmir


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