Kangana Ranaut Just Dropped A Bomb By Declaring Her Relationship Status And Marriage Plans

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7:11 pm 14 Feb, 2017


‘Queen’ is not just sassy and ferocious; she is turning out to be quite a sneaky Bollywood actress, too.



Since a year, we have been intensely involved with Hrithik-Kangana bombastic drama. And while Kangana Ranaut has given interviews to raise many eyebrows in Bollywood, never once did she give us a chance to speculate about her current relationship status.

In a recent interview with Times Of India, Kangana has revealed herself of not being  just in a relationship but planning to get married too this year.

I have been in an equation where I saw the person was doing a lot for me and I felt obliged to respond to that desire from his end, and I misunderstood it for love. Yes, I have been in a situation where someone is addressing your insecurities and convincing you that you are the best. In that sense, he was basically telling me whatever I wanted to hear at that point. Or helping me financially as a friend or in whatever capacity. I responded thinking that was the best thing to do as it seemed like love. But no, that surely wasn’t love. Love has to be instinctive, like the love that Julia experiences with Nawab (Shahid Kapoor) in the film. It’s not because she is getting something out of it, or he is fulfilling some purpose. They just flow, and that kind of love brings out the best in human beings. Such love also makes us the best version of ourselves.




She further continued on to say that the film ‘Rangoon’, shows a pure form of love – and that she has experienced this pure love.

I am in a relationship like that. It has already happened to me.

And then, when asked about her marriage plans, this is what she had to say:

I want to get married this year and hopefully, it should happen.



Now, the only question is, who is that ”pure love”?


Read the full interview here.


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