Indian Army Gets Three Indigenously-Developed Dhanush Artillery Guns

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Updated on 19 Jul, 2016 at 5:51 pm


Jabalpur-based Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) has handed over three indigenously-developed 155 mm ‘Dhanush’ artillery guns to the Indian Army.

Dhanush incorporates “many improved features” over the Army’s existing artillery guns.


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The 155mm/45-calibre Dhanush howitzers had “successfully met all technical parameters” during the winter and summer trials at Sikkim and Pokhran.

The trials saw some 2,000 rounds being successfully fired from the gun in different climatic conditions like in snowy, desert and hostile areas in the country.

dhanush artillery gun


Danush is going to be a first successful flagship venture under the ‘Make in India’ mission.

The desi Bofors has laid the foundations for India catapulting itself straight on to the world stage. India will soon emerge as a leading Artillery Gun design and manufacturer in the form of evolution of ATAGS – the highly advanced version of Dhanush.

In 2015, the army along with DRDO and OFB worked together to develop Dhanush. The guns were built after going through the design and voluminous documents given to India under the first phase of Transfer of Technology (ToT) as part of the Bofors gun deal in the late 80s.

bofors vs Dhanush

Bofors vs Dhanush

Costing around Rs 14 crore a piece, Dhanush, (aka ‘Desi Bofors’) is capable of targeting at long ranges incorporating autonomous laying features and has one of the most sophisticated suites of electronic and computing systems in the world.

The indigenous gun also has an enhanced 11-km range as against the 27-km range of the imported Bofors.

In the current twelfth army five year plan 2012-17, the Indian army plans to upgrade its existing field regiments presently equipped with 105 mm Indian Field Gun, 105 mm Light Field Gun and the Russian 122 mm guns to the 155 mm towed gun system as a universal inventory.




Smarter guns like Dhanush will act as a force multiplier in the modern day’s hi-tech battle field environment.

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