India Inducts INS Arihant Into Its Naval Force To Complete ‘Nuclear Triad’

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12:15 pm 18 Oct, 2016


According to news reports India on October 18 inducted indigenously made nuclear submarine INS Arihant into its naval force.


INS Arihant was reportedly first commissioned into service by Navy Chief Sunil Lamba back in August this year, thus quietly inducting the 6,000-tonne submarine which completes India’s ‘nuclear triad’.

With a nuclear triad in place, India is now in a position to fire nuclear missiles from the air, ground, and water.

According to defense sources, INS Arihant was formally commissioned in August 2016 after PM Modi gave his approval, but India preferred to keep the news under wraps in a bid to maintain secrecy.


In order to ensure the secrecy, the Indian Navy even decided to not refer it as ‘INS Arihant’ but instead chose another code name.

Though India has completed its nuclear triad, all three sources including INS Arihant gives India a second-strike capability.

Under second-strike-capability, one is bound by declared policy of “no-first-use,” which means they can only fire the nuclear weapon in response to a nuclear strike.



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INS Arihant is India’s first indigenous nuclear submarine and would command all ships of Arihant class. This includes nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines that were launched in 2009.

The Arihant project was undertaken by India’s Advanced Technology Vessel program under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office.

It also involved agencies and establishments such as the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the Department of Atomic Energy and the Submarine Design Group of the Directorate of Naval Design, besides private companies like Larsen & Toubro.


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