People Are Trolling Imran Khan After He Marries ‘Mother Of 5’ In His Third Wedding

Updated on 19 Feb, 2018 at 3:24 pm


Former Pakistani cricketer and captain Imran Khan has never left the limelight nor the headlines of front pages. While good cricketers and good talents keep coming and going, this one made exciting career goals and speculations forever. Cricketers like Imran never refuse to leave, and in that sense, never retire. While Pakistani youngsters consider him as their ideal, we remember him as a young lad born in an affluent Lahore-household, who studied from none other than the prestigious Oxford college.

The former first-class cricketer started playing cricket at the age of 13, and eventually led Pakistan to the 1992 Cricket World Cup victory. As one of Pakistan’s most successful players, he was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2010 due to a glittering career.


After retirement, Imran Khan became a politician and philanthropist. He became the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and connected with the youth with his firebrand speeches and huge rallies.


However, Imran’s personal life has been no less exciting. He broke many hearts when he married Jemima Goldsmith in 1995, a marriage which lasted 9 years and ended in 2004. The heartthrob found love once again in 2015, when he remarried BBC British journalist of Pakistani origin Reham Khan, which barely lasted 10 months.


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Mr Khan’s third impending marriage rumours plagued the internet since January this year. Reports of his marriage were unverified even by himself, which he expressed on Twitter. The angry politician broke his silence on the report after accusing PML-N head Nawaz Sharif of being behind the “vicious” campaign!




Even the cricketer’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) denied these rumours in a series of tweets and called them “ridiculous.”



Like a movie script and a usual twist of events, the cricketer has got married to a woman local media call a “faith healer” on February 18. Imran Khan is third time lucky with Bushra Watto, aka Pink Bushra whom he married in a low-key ceremony in Pakpattan, Lahore.



The news was confirmed by his party via Twitter:



As the images of his wedding made rounds, Khan, 65, can be seen wearing a dark blazer over a traditional white Salwar Kameez, while his new bride is clad head-to-feet in a grey robe with a red veil covering her face. While the bride’s mother and friends participated in the ceremony, Khan’s sisters gave it a miss.


Mufti Saeed performed the nikah. Interestingly, he’s the same Mufti who commenced Imran’s second marriage to Reham.


Tweeple couldn’t contain their reactions and expressed their thoughts blatantly. Some were very cynical, witty and humorous, while some were too harsh on Imran.


Read them for yourselves below:



Some were confused regarding polls:



Some managed to poke fun at PTI:



Authors think it’s “spiritual f**k”!



For some Twitterates, slogans matter:



One user couldn’t digest what’s happening in today’s times:



Tweeple want a poll on this marriage:



Some saw, hmm, wisdom in IK’s actions:



Some couldn’t get nastier:



One user asked a valid question about Islam:



Some proved that a ‘Friends’ reference will always be relevant:



Some questioned if there was more ‘LOVE’ in Pakistan:



While some even misbehaved with Photoshop effects!



Of course, Taimur Khan needed a mention somewhere:



Maybe it’s time for ‘new revolution’?



Imran’s cricket career wasn’t spared either:



Some believe in the institution called ‘marriage’:



His political rivalry too just found a new thread:



Some didn’t spare religious sentiments either!



For the unknown, Bushra Maneka is in her 40s and hails from the Wattoo clan, of which Maneka is a sub-clan. She was previously married to Khawar Farid Maneka, a senior customs official in Islamabad. These days, Imran has devoted himself to politics and charity work.


We wish this marriage to last longer than everyone’s expectations. What do you think will be its fate? Tell us in the comments.


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