14 Ultimate Signs To Identify The F*ckboy In Your Group. If You Do, Stay Away!

Updated on 11 Sep, 2018 at 7:25 pm


Fuckboys are like a chameleon. You know why? Well, it is because they are highly adaptive in nature and easily blends in. Certainly, that makes it very hard to spot one. Now, if you are wondering how to spot a fuckboy, then we have some of the useful red flags for you.

It may happen that this fuckboy is a part of your friend’s group and you have a sweet crush on him. Take our advice sister, and dump your feelings as fast as you can. Unless of course, getting hurt in love and being devdas is a desire of yours! If not, then certainly carefully go over these points on how to spot a fuckboy!


1. He always ‘wants’ to hang out but never does so until it’s in a room




2. Even if the girl wants to meet at a public place, he will find the perfect way to avoid that



3. The guy communicates via apps instead of making an effort to call



4. Will reply or connect when he wants to ‘have some fun’. For the uninitiated, that means when he wants to have sex!



5. The pictures are either of his dicks or her nudes! If you have someone like that in your life, the best thing is to run far away



6. He loves talking about himself! Much like having the motto ‘main apne aap ka favourite hun’!



7. You know this person from your group is meeting a girl still never fails to flirt with you



8. Also, the fact that you have never actually met the girl because she is not ‘important’ enough to meet his friends



9. The guy will shower the girl with compliments but mostly or always about her body parts



10. He often vanishes and then comes back demanding to meet the girl for some ‘fun time’ without even offering any explanations



11. If you ever run into him when he is with the girl then he simply ignores the existence of the girl. He will not even bother to introduce!



12. When the ‘eleven minutes’ is concluded, his phone becomes dearer to him than the girl



13. He NEVER EVER clicks images with the girl he is ‘sleeping with’ or ‘dating’



14. Finally, he has ZERO interest in knowing the girl. He simply doesn’t give a fuck!



If you spot three or more behavior from this how to spot a fuckboy list, then my friend it’s better to dump him faster than the blink of an eye. Keep your crush for someone who deserves it!


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