7 Extreme Views That Hitler And Nazis Had Towards India That Will Stun You

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9:30 am 13 Aug, 2018


Adolf Hitler was a person with strong opinions, no matter how wrong or dangerous they were, and this is the reason why even after decades of his death, he is still one of the most hated persons in this world. The Jews living in Germany during his time were the direct victims of his insane opinions and deep rooted racism, but his viewpoints  were never restricted to the Jews. Though it is never a topic much talked about, Hitler’s views towards India were also not very different from how he used to see the Jews.

Here are 7 views that Hitler and his Nazi ideology had about India and Indians that will make you uncomfortable.


1. India was better off under the British




Adolf Hitler though fought wars against the British, he but had always felt that the way Britain had controlled the Indian sub-continent was exemplary and he even wanted to rule the East in the similar way once he had occupied the region.


2. India’s independence movement was unworthy



Hitler believed that the independence movement that India was going through during his time was unworthy and was destined to fail as the crusade was led by an inferior race of ‘Asiatic jugglers’ against a racially superior Nordic race.


3. The British should have had shot Mahatma Gandhi and Congress leaders



In a discussion with the then British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax in 1937, Hitler had reportedly told him that the British should, in order to suppress the independence movement, kill Mahatma Gandhi and a dozen other leading Congress members. Even if that didn’t suffice, Britain should continue shooting people till the movement was annihilated.


4. The ‘superior race’ of Britons were ruling the giant continent



Hitler had also told Lord Halifax in the same discussion that his favorite movie was ‘The Lives of a Bengal Lancer’ as the movie portrayed how a small number of the superior race of Britons was able to hold an entire continent of millions of people.


5. British rule over India was better than Soviet’s



Hitler, during the initial period of European War, had said that the British should continue ruling India as it was appropriate. One of the reasons for his this particular view was that he feared that if Britain withdrew from the country, the Soviets might occupy it and he didn’t want that to happen. He had also reportedly expressed his fear of the Soviets occupying the subcontinent during his meeting with Subhash Chandra Bose on May 29, 1942, which compelled Bose to later admit that it was not possible to include Hitler into any political discussion regarding India.


6. Indians had lost all their superior bloodline



According to Nazi ideologists Alfred Rosenberg, the Indians during the Vedic Period were actually the true Aryans and had pure Nordic blood. But with time and intermixing of races, the Nordic blood had been lost and Indians were reduced to an inferior race of people.


7. Hitler’s plan to divide India



Hitler had even planned how they would divide India once the Axis powers would take over the world. There were plans that Germany and Japan would divide India amongst themselves and rule their respective parts without confrontations.

Hitler’s views towards India was never something of good and it was better that Nazis could never extend their influence much towards India.


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