7 Hilarious Ways People Have Died That Will Make Your Stomach Ache

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Death is the most morbid reality of life. It is a time to mourn and wail for a life that has been cut short. It’s an uneasy reminder for all still alive that death is the ultimate truth. But sometimes, people die so bizarrely that it becomes difficult for others to not let out a giggle despite of all the gloominess surrounding the grim reality. In short, laughter is often a natural response when you come across hilarious ways people have died.

Here are 7 such deaths throughout recorded human history that are outright hilarious and it’s okay to laugh at them because you’re on internet and no one will know that you laughed. Even we will keep a hush if you laugh about the  hilarious ways people have died.

1. Empedocles


hilarious ways people have died




Cause of death: Jumped into an active volcano to prove he is God.

In 430 BCE, Greek philosopher Empedocles, who is remembered mostly for his classic theory of ‘Four Elements’, died after he threw himself into Mount Etna in a bid to prove to his followers, who believed that he had miraculous powers, that he would return as a God. Unfortunately, the volcano threw back one of his sandals, proving to his followers that he had actually died in the process of befooling them and didn’t become a God.


2. Humayun



Cause of death: Died after tripping on his robe.

Humayun, the second Mughal emperor of India who is one of the most influential figures in the history of the country, died after he tripped on his skirt and fell down the stairs. He was overtly religious and one day while he was climbing down the stairs with books, he heard the Azan and trying to sit on his knees immediately, he tripped and fell all the way down. After fighting many fierce battles, losing his kingdom and winning it back again, his life ended in one of the most insignificant ways possible.


3. Garry Hoy



Cause of death: Fell from 24th floor while trying to impress interns.

Law specialist Garry Hoy, who also had an engineering degree had the habit of demonstrating a trick to the interns who would come to his office on the 24th floor of his Toronto based law firm. His trick to impress the student was to throw himself at a glass window, which was supposedly unbreakable. So every time he would throw himself at it, the window would bounce him off. But on an unfortunate day in 1993, while he was trying the trick to a new batch of interns and threw himself at the window, though the glass didn’t break, he had weakened the frame over the years and this time, the frame broke. He fell from the 24th floor and died. He went on to win the Darwin Award for his death.


4. Aeschylus



Cause of death: Killed by a tortoise that feel from the sky.

Aeschylus was an ancient Greek tragedian who is often referred as ‘father of tragedy’. He lived around 5th Century BC and wrote about an estimated 90 plays of which less than 10 has survived. He was possibly the first playwright who introduced plays as trilogies and was immensely popular during his time. In around 456 BC, while he was on Sicily, he was visiting the city of Gela when an eagle mistook his bald head for a rock and dropped a tortoise it was carrying in the hope of breaking the shell of the reptile. Aeschylus didn’t survive the hit, but reportedly, the tortoise did.


5. Chrysippus



Cause of death: Died laughing at his own joke.

Chrysippus, a famous and brilliant Greek philosopher who lived in second century BCE, one day was returning from a party after getting drunk when he saw his donkey eating fig. Chrysippus, for reasons best known to him, commented on seeing it to his old maid who was standing nearby to give the donkey unmixed wine after it had completed eating the figs. Saying so, he broke into a hysterical laughter as if he had just uttered the funniest statement in all human history. He found himself so funny that he collapsed there and died laughing at his own joke. Chrysippus was an incredible prolific writer and had composed more than 700 works before his death.


6. Joao Maria de Souza



Cause of death: Died when a cow fell on him in the middle of the night.

In July 2013, 45 years old Brazilian Joao Maria de Souza, as any other day, went to bed with his wife Leni after a tiring day at work. Little did he know that a cow from a nearby farm had escaped and was climbing the steep hill against which his house was attached. Soon after they were on bed and had fallen asleep, the corrugated roof right above him broke and the one-and-a-half-ton cow, which had found its way to his roof somehow, fell right on him. He was rushed to the hospital but died due to internal bleeding. His wife and the cow both escaped the event unharmed. His mother later in an interview stated that she didn’t bring up her son to get killed by a falling cow.


7. Hans Steininger



Cause of death: Stepped on his beard and broke his neck.

If Guinness Book of World Records existed during the time of Hans Steininger, he would have been the holder of two records- one for having the longest beard in the world, and another for possibly being the only man who died tripping on his own beard. Steininger was the mayor of Braunau, Austria back during the 1560s and besides being popular among the people for being a good administrator, he was famous for his four and a half feet impressive beard that he would keep neatly tucked in a leather pouch. One night there was a fire in the town, and being the mayor, he was so consumed by anxiety that he didn’t care that his beard had come loose off its pocket and while he was atop a flight of stairs, he stepped on his beard, lost control and tumbled down, breaking his neck. He died instantly. The townspeople before burying him cut-off his beard and put it on display in the town’s museum where it remains still today.

These certainly are some of the hilarious ways people have died. Which one amused you the most?


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