Nikesh Arora Joins As CEO At USA’s Cybersecurity Firm And His Total Earnings Are Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

8:18 pm 6 Jun, 2018


Remember Nikesh Arora? Back in 2014, he hit the headlines with the news of his job change. Being the fourth-highest paid employee of Google, he left the position of Chief Business Officer to join SoftBank Corp as it’s Vice Chairman. Born in Ghaziabad with humble beginnings, he climbed the ladder to capture the position of being one among the elites of the tech world.

Arora again made it to the news with the recent announcement from one of the largest cybersecurity Palo Alto Networks. He is joining the company as its new CEO. Though this decision faced an initial backlash with a decline in the company’s stock, the investors are assured that it’s in good hands.


Ghaziabad’s Nikesh Arora Bagged CEO’s Position At USA's Cybersecurity Firm 1




In his new position, he will grab a fat pay packet that is worth $128 million. Reports say it makes him one among the highest paid executives in the USA. The commendable fact is that he reached this success just at the age of 50-years.

Nikesh Arora will be receiving a base salary of $1 million along with the target bonus of identical amount. He is entitled to equity awards that sum up his total earning worth $126 million. He will be receiving $40 million of restricted stock vesting over the period of 7 years.



Are you gasping in surprise? Well, this is not all! He also stands to receive stock options that are valued at $66 million if there’s a rise in shares of Palo Alto Networks at least by 150 percent due to his efforts. If, the stock quadruples, then guess how much he receives? He gets all of them!

Other than that he is also investing $20 million in the company personally. Palo Alto Networks will match that via restricted shares that will vest over a period of 4 years.



During an interview, he shared about his life’s new venture:

‘I am thrilled and honored to join Palo Alto Networks. I have developed a deep appreciation for the company’s culture, values, and pioneering spirit as innovators and disruptors and I look forward to working with the entire Palo Alto Networks team on our mission of protecting our customers in the digital age.’

With such a hefty pay package, it will certainly be interesting to witness the course of the company under Arora’s leadership.


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