This Chilling Short Film Will Make You Go And Re-Check Your “Facebook Friends”

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Updated on 1 Feb, 2017 at 6:28 pm


Do you confirm your Facebook friend requests as quick as you empty a packet of chips? Do you show major anxiety signs when your friends do not let you fulfill your ritual of a daily check in’s in all the cool places you hangout at? Do you feel major crisis when your Internet backfires you and you cannot upload the picture you just clicked at this isolated haunted house?

Then, you deserve to watch this chilling short film called “Friend List”.


To keep up with new times, sometimes we get way too ahead of ourselves. We compromise our safety and rationale to fixate ourselves on the standards of “updated”, “cool” and “happening”.


Hopefully this film by ‘Natak Pictures‘ will make you go and re-check your friend list and be cautious next time you share your personal information on a public platform.



Yes, social media is a public platform. So, share only what you’d want to publicize.


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