14 Bollywood Reaction Gifs Discovered In The Storm Of ‘Exasperating Farrago’

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Updated on 11 May, 2017 at 10:52 am


When Justice Arnab hauled Shashi Tharoor cacophonically in his self-established court, the latter lost his shit almost instantly. And why not? Shit is anyways overrated. One must go ahead to lose it!


The trial was a runaway hit and everyone seemingly started walking in the aisles of Leela Palace hotel; thanks to the patriarch of Republic, but, however, it was Tharoor who stole the show with a deadly verbiage putting even Oxford Dictionary to shame.


Mind it.


Obviously, we aren’t discussing entire tweet, rather the snippet — Exasperating Farrago.

Do you’ve any clue? 

If not, it’s okay. We’re humans.

So far we’ve seen the shockwave it generated among social media users. And now with our pea-sized brain we will try to imagine its after effects on the tinsel town of Bollywood.

Everyone is clueless. Don’t you agree?


Even mummy ko nahi hai pata.


Not only this, Majnu bhai is equally dumbstruck.


And it irks Gabbar as well.


Watch out a gentleman speeding towards his college prof. Don’t worry, he’s still on a four wheeler.



This dude earns our respect for seeking answer door-to-door (Hey, keep the IPL spirit up!).


Why did Katappa kill Baahubali? Need you know more?


Sadly, on the verge of giving up (despite having a drink!).


Ask your friends. May be they can do something.


Some people just don’t give a shit.


Literally, even a shred of a shit.




But some can go to any extent. They want the answer even it costs beating the shit out of an expert.


And in case you’re completely unaware of what the fuck has happened, you be like….





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