Saudi Arabia Ban Female Models In Fashion Show And Does This Instead. Watch The Hilarious Video

Updated on 7 Jun, 2018 at 8:43 pm


Saudi Arabia on June 4 issued driver’s licenses to 10 women. The news comes on the heels of lifting a ban on women driving following King Salman’s decision last year to allow women to drive. This could easily give an idea about what is condition and status of woman in the country. There are many things that a Saudi Arabian woman is not allowed to perform. Recently, modeling entered that list. This story is on a funnier note but that doesn’t excuse us from acknowledging the plight of women in the country.

Recently a video clip surfaced that will certainly leave you in splits. The clip is from a fashion show where you will naturally expect each Saudi Arabia woman to dress up gorgeously and lit the ramp on fire.


Saudi Arabia woman cannot be Female Models In Fashion Show And Men Does This Instead 1

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Alas! The truth is far from that. As an imposed ban, a Saudi Arabia woman cannot be a model and walk down the ramp. However, that certainly brings the question about the way the clothes, bags or accessories will be displayed. What do you think can be the solution?



Well, don’t wreck your brains as you will never come up with the solution adopted by the Arab men. They simply ‘replaced’ the women with drones.



Yes, you read it right! The show is conducted by hanging clothes and other accessories in the drone then showing it around.



The most surprising part is that none of the spectators watching the show are surprised. On contrary, their ease suggests that this is something they wholeheartedly support.

Naturally, Twitterati couldn’t keep their calm and reacted in the most hilarious ways possible. However, before that here’s the video for you:



While some people slammed Saudi Arabia for still treating its women so badly, other came up with some of the funniest comments. Other users labeled it as being a show by models who are ghosts. Read the tweets here:









What do you think about ‘ghost models?’


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