Someone Reminded Dhoni That Many People Hate Him, And He Gave Him The ‘Coolest’ Answer Possible

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Updated on 8 Jul, 2017 at 1:26 pm


Indians are obsessed with cricket. So obsessed that they have formed a love-hate relationship with the cricketers. We are eyeing their every move and judging them, and finally, we form an opinion about them. Isn’t it wrong?

The great captain, MS Dhoni, has faced several backlashes in the past for his bold choices. Long time back, he was blamed for not including Gambhir in the team. Leaving aside his choices, one must never forget his immense contribution to the Indian team.

In his era as a captain, he achieved more than that was expected from him. His “cool” captainship will be remembered forever.


Dhoni maintains his insanely “cool” attitude off the field, too. Whenever he is bombarded with some nasty words, he dodges them smartly. Yesterday, the cricketer turned 36, and a Twitter user posted an insensitive tweet that screamed hatred.

This is how it started. Dhoni had posted this fun tweet.


And out of nowhere, someone did the “KRK” thing.


You can’t really mess with Dhoni. Dhoni retaliated, but very respectfully.

Well, the bigger question is, how can anyone hate such an elegant player?


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