This Kochi Boy Has Started A Khadi Denim Store To Revive Gandhi’s Swadeshi Movement

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Updated on 17 Aug, 2016 at 1:55 pm


Siddharth Mohan Nair, a law student from Palakkad district of Kochi has kick-started a jeans store called ‘Desitude’ with an intention to promote modern khadi wear amongst the youth.

Siddharth has been greatly influenced by the teachings of Gandhi and his principle of Swadeshi, or self-independence. He has been wearing Khadi for the past five years and it’s been a long time since the desire of promoting khadi came to him.

I came across a new concept in Khadi called the Denim Khadi. So I thought, Denim is what the youth is attracted to and there is no need to add starch like in traditional Khadi. This is how Desitude was formed. Currently, we are into Khadi jeans and shorts. We are also in the process of making Khadi dungarees, skirts and jackets,” he says.


What makes it stand out is it’s three unique features:


1.Eco-friendly: For every jeans it sells, one plant is planted. These jeans are made out of hand-spun, hand-woven Khadi denim fabric. Even though currently they are using synthetic dye, Desitude has plans to switch to vegetable dyes.

2. Customized: The customers can get their jeans handcrafted according to their measurements, instead of an automated machine. These jeans are made out of hand-spun, hand-woven Khadi denim fabric.

3. Indian Postal Services: It’s very interesting how the store is using Indian postal services for packaging to re-emphasize their swadeshi principle.


It’s indeed appreciative of Siddharth to have cultivated an idea and enterprise to make the country more self-reliant and independent- both socially and economically. ”Desitude” markets all the products through its Facebook page or WhatsApp. Reach out to them here.


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