On This Massive Premiere, Deepika Padukone Got Vin Diesel Into A Lungi And Had Quite A Lungi Dance

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Updated on 13 Jan, 2017 at 3:52 pm


After a ballsy welcome by women clad in nauvari sarees riding bikes, Vin Diesel got to witness the glitzy charm of Bollywood on January 12 at the premiere of XXX- Return Of Xander Cage.



Here’s a live proof how Deepika Padukone can not just conquer hearts all over the world but can also get a Hollywood star wrap a lungi around.

Even though Diesel looked a bit troubled and confused on how to handle the goddamn lungi


He nevertheless looked kinda happy about it.




In fact, a little proud too. Look at all that swag.

And then the Queen took it upon herself to bless us with her lungi moves.

Such an adorable baller.



Can we thank Mr. Diesel to have taken our movie premiers on a massively awesome level?



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