This Deleted Scene From Dear Zindagi Is Proof How Editing Can Sometimes Go Really Wrong

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Updated on 4 Feb, 2017 at 8:01 pm


For good or for bad, editors will always be the ink spoilers for creatives.

Bollywood’s path breaker, Dear Zindagi, is a recent release which might not have bombed the box office with its success but was able to garner great appreciation for its sweet slice of life story. While we went on to love Kiara just the way she herself fell in love with her as the movie ended, we were quite puzzled when she makes a short movie on Donna Maria dedicating it to Dr. Jahangir Khan.



When did Donna Maria happen?

What did Jugg had to do with it?

Did they ever talk about it?


Where is this coming from?

And this scene from Dear Zindagi which was brutally cut off explains all our curious questions.

Watch it here!



Indeed, this was one of the pivotal scenes in the movie which should have been retained. It didn’t just explain how Kiara was introduced to Donna Maria’s story but also becomes a catalyst in her revealing her own truth as she came out of depression.



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