11 Reasons Why You Should Date a Guy Who Eats Chyawanprash

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Updated on 8 Sep, 2016 at 6:14 pm


The new trend in love is –  date a guy who is simple and sanskari.

He’s the type who will begin his day on a spoon full of Chyawanprash.

He believes that love lasts forever. His arms are always open for a cozy snuggle. He’s more than what the heart desires………

1. He’s an adorable mummy’s boy and will very quickly become your ‘laadla’ as well

If you want to date the kind of guy, who will always listen to you, then a Chyawanprash guy is exactly what you need.


He eats Chyawanprash every day because perhaps his mom got him into this habit. If he respects and loves his mom for that, he will respect and love his girl for the smallest things you do for him.

2. He’s the kind of guy, you wanna grow old with

Eating Chyawanprash cannot make a stupid guy smart. But, if he’s a smart fellow, who eats Chyawanprash, he’s likely to lead a healthier life and also take care of your health as you grow old together.

A healthy man always means more cheer and happiness.

3. He has a big heart. Bigger than the balls he has. He will love you no matter what it takes

He’s the guy, who will hold you tight and never let you go. No matter what may come.

He’s the right type of responsible that girls like so much.

4. That solid memory he has, he never forgets important dates

It’s a stellar combination – health, happiness and good memory. Not only will this guy remember all important occasions, he will also try and make them really special.

Birthday, anniversary, your pet’s birthday, your best friend’s wedding date, your dad’s favorite movie, his dad’s favorite movie, he knows it all by heart.

5. He isn’t a complainer! Your wishes are his commands 

He’s up for almost everything you ask for. Holiday in Goa?  Late night movie dates? Cycling on the weekends? Trekking every six months? Mixing up with your girlfriends? Meeting your family? Eating leftover food from the previous night?

He’ll never nag or complain. Your wishes are his commands.

6. He’s so “aadarsh” and “sanskari,” your parents will love him too

All types of parents, traditional or contemporary will take an instant liking for him. After all they all want their daughters to date someone sensible and caring , who can be trusted as well.

7. His inner child is always more alive 

Spontaneity doesn’t bother him. He wants to start anything at the spur of the moment, go ahead and do it.

Feel like dancing in the rain? He will dance with you.

Want to eat ice-cream late in the night? He’ll get it for you.

Long drives on the weekend? He won’t say no!


8. He’ll be a passionate lover

Thanks to Chyawanprash, he’ll be mentally and physically strong, something most women find really sexy. His vigor for life, his love for you and his interest in the world make him a passionate lover.

Incessant multitasking and tension does not drain him out, he has plenty of energy to do all these things, comfortably, without feeling fatigued.

9. He’s your best friend. He will understand all “girl problems” and patiently listen to you vent

He’ll know everything concerning your health, and let you vent out when you most need to.


He might just also have a solution that will naturally solve your problems; some ayurvedic medicine or yoga or exercise that could relieve your misery during those nasty days of the month.

10. You will be baffled by how calmly he handles difficult situations

He never looks stressed out, no matter where and when you meet him. He’s calm and patient. He can handle himself well and handle your problems like a pro.

11. He will make a complete and utter fool of himself, to make you smile when you’re having a bad day

He really wants to see you happy!

And if he starts feeding you with a spoon full of Chyawanprash every day just the way his own day begins, give him a Big Hugggggg!


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