MTech Structural Engineering is a 2-year post graduate program. It is a specialized branch of civil engineering that deals with concepts such as structural design, structural stability, general safety, reliability of the construction, withstanding seismic forces and building failures.

The course is especially helpful to those who want to get into the construction business and understand how to construct tall buildings, bridges, dams, flyovers and similar such modern structures. One also comes across topics like foundation technology, concrete technology, prefabricated structures, smart structures, steel structures, composite structures and corrosion engineering.

The course is spread across four semesters; each of six months duration. Apart from theory, a student comes across various practical aspects of training in this field and gets to do project works on the same. There are industry visits, seminars and guest talks by experts from the industry thrown in as part of the training.


The minimum criteria for applying for the M.Tech Structural Engineering program is a B.E./B.Tech degree in civil engineering from a recognized college or university in India. Those who have done their B.Tech degree in related fields such as construction technology

architecture engineering

etc. are also eligible to apply. The candidate should have scored at least 60% marks in their undergraduate degree.


2 years


Architectural and Engineering Managers.

Construction Managers.

Environmental Engineers.


Mechanical Engineers.

Mining and Geological Engineers.

Nuclear Engineers.

Petroleum Engineers.

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