CID Might Be In Its Last Leg; ACP Pradyuman Dies Of Heart Attack

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9:13 pm 17 Dec, 2016


One of the longest running thrillers on Indian Television, after 18 years, Sony’s CID has finally reached its last leg.



With this final chapter, ACP Pradyuman will die of a heart attack in the upcoming episode set to air on December 26th. The iconic character played by Shivaji Satam will bid goodbye to the show forever, with no chance of return.




According to the sources, in the first week of January, the show will be wrapped up. This is apparently due to the high demand of actor’s fees which the production and the channel have refused to adhere to. Although there has been no official statement yet issued by the channel for this, the fact that ACP Pradyuman’s character will be no more a part of the show is confirmed.

Hmm…you know what we want to say.




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